Raw Material

Titan Group Commercial. meat industries machines and ingredients. Titan Group Commercial. presents different Kinds of ingredients for producing sausages, kebabs, chicken kebab, schnitzel, nugget and this company is the only one represent of: KKS the producer of different kinds of kolatisols and mixed spices. F.I.A. the producer of fermentative extract for soup, sauce with 200 kinds of different tastes, Kahler the produce of different kinds of spice and mixed spices, KKS the producer of natural smoke flavor (powder), we are ready to present the products.
Smoke Flavor (for sausages and meat and chicken products)
Koltisol (50,80,100) (for meat and chicken processing)
Kolatisol Kibosart (for brattling the raw meats like chicken kebab, lamb kebab and fresh protein products)
Super fresh (to keep meat and meat products fresh, and stabilize the Ph-value)
kks http://www.kks-geschmack.de/en/
kahler http://www.kahler-berlin.de/en/
F.I.A http://fia-teising.de/index.php/startseite-en.html

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